NeXgen 2.0 Seat




The 2020 NeXGen 2.0 seat is here! 

After the fantastic success of the original NeXgen, Harrill looked to improve upon one of the best seats in the industry.  With feedback from hundreds of customers, we determined to work on the comfort, support, and center of gravity of our Medium & Large seats.  So, we took the NeXgen and transformed it into the 2.0.

The NeXgen 2.0 offers more support on either side of the seat, and further wraps around the driver's sides, which reduces fatigue.  The right side armpit support of the seat has also been reshaped and made longer for additional support.  The seat has been lengthened 3/4" - allowing it to be mounted lower, effectivey dropping the vertical center of gravity.  And areas down the middle of the seat have been "smoothed" to better meet the driver's back & spine.

All-in-all, the NeXgen 2.0 is the epitome of everything you want in an oval kart seat... support & comfort while still offering a low center of gravity - made of high quality fiberglass, right here in the USA!