Routine Rebuild Kit

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Did you know it's vital to keep fresh components on your chassis? More specifically - axle, spindles, and bearings. These are the most common, and fastest fatiguing parts on your kart... why? Well, the spindles and axle carry the load every single time you hit the track. They experience forces in every way. Because of this they become quickly fatigued.
Also, don't forget about your bearings, and the most important of them... your roller bearings. These are located on your axle and in your front hubs. They too experience heavy loads and extreme forces on every lap.
We recommend replacing these components every 25 races or so (if you're running 3 classes a weekend, that's every 8 weeks).
If you fail to routinely replace these, your kart will become "lazy" and unresponsive to changes. It will lose some if it's explosiveness off the corner, and you'll be scratching your head wondering where that tenth is.
So, we're offering all of these components as a package deal to help save our racers some money! Purchase your axle, spindles, axle bearings, and hub bearings online in this deal to save a whopping 15%!